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Will a free bingo game pay out a big jackpot?

Yes, it will. Pick out any free bingo game that we choose for you and win the biggest cash prizes ever!

Leading bingo websites have put together the best games in order to satisfy the endless cravings of bingo lovers online. New and better bingo websites are appearing every month and the competition to attract more and more players has become really cut-throat! Before you start to imagine this we will tell you how to take advantage of this strong competition.

Forget about your credit card and play free bingo game!

We understand it might be difficult to forget about your bank account and credit cards, but you have to do it. When you are getting PAID to play free games of bingo, it won’t be hard to do just that. Choose from any of the games of roulette, blackjack, keno, video poker and win thousands of dollars every day

Is there really a free bingo game which pays bundles of cash every day?

Several games have launched jackpots and free tourneys for new bingo players for which no deposit is required.

  • Free Bingo Game: Mega Bingo Marathon

Play at Bingo Cabin

No marathon has ever been as sweet as Mega Bingo Marathon is. Every night, a secret marathon of bingo is taking place at Bingo Cabin. The agenda of the coordinators is however no secret; they want you to be a millionaire.

All the players have to do is play bingo until they are ready to drop out. This is a progressive jackpot and the cash prize was set at $1,783,769. This is not a weekly or monthly pay-out, it a daily event at Bingo Cabin’s Marathon!

  • Free Bingo Game: Pot of Gold

Play at Bingo Sky

Who does not dream about a pot of gold secretly hidden under a beautiful tree? We do, and now here is your chance to dig up all that precious gold in one go! Do you want to know how much that pot is worth? Exactly $10,000 every night.

This amazing bingo tournament at Bingo Sky has already become a sensational hit among the bingo enthusiasts all over the internet. As part of the game, a series of numbers have been declared as winners and players have to grab those numbers in order to win the cash prizes. The more numbers they collect, the better the chances are of winning a big prize.

  • Free Bingo Game: The 3-Part $14,000 Mega Party

Play at Cyber Bingo

Join the biggest party in February at Cyber Bingo where the winner has the chance to win a $14,000 mega jackpot. Incredibly, there are other cash prizes also worth up to $10,000 for other players. Even if you don’t get lucky with the first cash prize, other prizes are available to you.

The Mega Party is held every Saturday in the Bingo Tourney Room where all the bingo night owls gather together to celebrate the party. Don’t worry about the formal invitation, because you don’t need one! Just join the party and have unlimited fun and what could be more fun than winning money for free.

  • Free Bingo Game: The X Factor Jackpot

Play at Mecca Bingo

As spectacular as the famous TV show “The X Factor”, this slots game features three progressive jackpots for the players to get their hands on. All the jackpots are worth over $200,000 and free spins and great bonuses are also waiting for you too.

The X Factor Jackpot is based on the theme of electronics, so the symbols of microphones and CDs are the wild and scatter symbols. Hit any of them 3 or more times to trigger the free bonus and spins rounds. They are called the Mecca of online bingo for the right reasons.

  • Free Bingo Game: Clover Rollover

Play at: South Beach Bingo

Based on the beautiful theme of a southern belle, a charming Englishman, and a picturesque village, Clover Rollover will take your breath away. This is a progressive slots game with lots of cash prizes available. This is the biggest progressive jackpot at South Beach Bingo and can reach well over $250,000!

This game has five pay lines and five reels and the players need to hit on the symbols of 5 Lucky Shamrocks to win the jackpot. Furthermore, there are free spins and bonus rounds which are worth thousands of coins.

  • Free Bingo Game: Leprechaun’s Luck

Play at Cheeky Bingo

This slots game has twenty pay lines and five reels with the background set in an Irish neighbourhood with priceless gems. Players can win over $5,000 with every bonus round and since there are various bonus rounds in one single game, that’s saying something.

There are two special rounds, namely Rainbow of Wealth Bonus Round and Wishing Well Bonus Round which feature symbols of pots of gold, wishing wells and rainbows as wild and scatter symbols. Hit three or more to win free spins and multipliers of over ten times.

Your favourite bingo games could be any of the above or all of the above; it really depends on you. The most important thing you need to know is that you will never have to pay a single penny to play a game of roulette, blackjack, video poker, keno and lot more.

Register now and start playing free bingo game and win bundles of green every day! Maybe the goddess of luck will shine upon you and make you the next in the long line of bingo millionaires.

How a bingo review site gathers proper reviews

People who have a keen interest in playing bingo games are not always able to take the advantage of it at its fullest. This happens because they don’t read the reviews found on a bingo review site online. Review sites are capable of providing all the latest, detailed information on the bingo sites to their viewers that help them to get the maximum possible benefits from the site they wish to join.

They are able to come up with all the latest information about new bingo games, which even the seasoned players don’t have any idea about. They are able to provide unbiased advice and suggestions to their viewers and help them save their time as well as money. Review sites religiously notify their viewers about the upcoming latest offers, bonuses, and promotions which are some of the best things about a bingo review site.

How are they able to bring all the latest news and information about the millions of bingo sites out there? If it is hard for you to understand, the read the points given below to know the secrets behind the huge success of these sites.

Methods that a bingo review site uses to gather information about online gambling halls

  • Latest Bingo Sites

Review sites are always searching for the latest bingo sites and the launch of new games so that readers are able to check out the latest developments in the world of online bingo. They research the potential of the bingo site that has recently gone live. Once they are able to figure out all the features of the site with their immense research carried out by professional bingo reviewers, they are able to give the best reviews of the site.

  • Offers, Bonuses and Promotion

A lot of new offerings, bonuses and promotions keep on coming time and again to help players get most of the benefits of the game. This also helps business owners to attract more players to their site. A bingo review site always has a sharp eye on such types of bonuses and offers by keeping themselves updated and testing all the offers, promotions as well bonuses that hit the market first.

  • Tips and Tricks

It’s no wonder that a player is able to use some of the best tips and tricks which are given on a renowned bingo review site. Such sites are able to share all these tips and tricks with their viewers only after working hard and testing it. They do this to check out the online gambling hall and how a player can make the most of it. They make it available to their viewers who are keen on trying out new ways to win the latest bingo games on the best sites.

  • Security and Banking Information

Every bingo site has the option of online payment. The only question that players have in mind is the reliability and accuracy of that particular site. This is where a bingo review site can guide you. They strictly check the security level as well as the banking options of bingo sites so that it becomes easy for their viewers to trust the site they choose to play on. Once the safety and security of that particular site is confirmed by a review site, players gain more confidence to kick start their gambling career.

Revelling Blacklist Bingo Sites

A bingo review site is a place where new bingo players get a reality check about the new bingo sites that are being introduced to the world. It becomes hard for common people to find out about the reliability of such sites considering the fact that there is no shortage of rogue online gambling halls. Reports indicate that many players have been cheated on some sites. Review sites are able to research the integrity of a bingo site so that players don’t have a bad experience. By gathering all the essential information of bingo sites which are considered to be rogue site, people don’t lose their hard earned money.

  • Up-to-date

Even though after a bingo review site has reviewed a particular bingo game or site, it still keeps itself updated on the reviewed game or sites. This is to inform their viewers of any changes made to the site as soon as possible. For example, bingo sites often come up with new offers, promotions and bonuses and in most cases, a vast majority of players are not informed of them. Review sites keep their reviews up to date to facilitate and help the user find these opportunities.

  • Hunting for news on Bingo sites

Most of the review sites strive to be the first to break out something new in the world of online bingo to their viewers so that they are able to get more readers. For this, they have to keep on hunting for news about bingo sites from the news section. Once they get something useful, they start their own research work and finally share it with their viewers.

  • Experienced Reviewers

A reliable bingo review site is the one who has appointed only experienced reviewers. They are the ones who have been playing bingo games for a very long time and are the best individuals who can conduct a proper research and try out the latest arrivals. Experienced players are the best reviewers as they have played most of the bingo games on the maximum number of bingo sites. They are aware of the pros and cons of any gambling hall you may know of.

A bingo review site has to do a lot of hard work in order to review a bingo game or site. Only after testing the accuracy of their information that they have gathered, do they write a proper review about it. And finally, it shares the information with its readers who want to gain complete information about a particular bingo game or site. The trend now for online gamblers is to read reviews even before trying out a free game.

The best bingo reviews from the best reviewers

There are numerous bingo sites on the web that offer exclusive bonuses, promotional offers, cash rewards and free perks and tempt players into laying a bet. However, before you take a plunge into trying your luck at the game, take a look at these bingo reviews to differentiate a genuine site from the questionable ones and which  bingo reviews site offers you the best deals.

Here’s a list of the best bingo reviews from some of the top reviewers in the industry

  • Foxy Bingo

Foxy Bingo offers a great gaming atmosphere as you’ll find the site always crowded with avid gamblers who are there to spend some quality time. It does not matter what time of the day or night you log in. Here’s the best part about this bingo site; besides amazing some fantastic bingo games for free, the premium ones suit your budget as well. With jackpots aplenty, you needn’t worry about losing out. We’ve kept the best for the last. When you visit Foxy Bingo, you get to claim £ 5 worth free bingo play plus a whopping 500% return on your first deposit. Now, isn’t this reason enough to feature Foxy Bingo at the top of our bingo reviews list?

  • Bingo Hall

Ever since Bingo Hall stepped into the showground of online bingo games in 2002, it has been striving to provide the best experience to players from all across the world and needless to say, this is what brings the site to the second position on this list of bingo reviews. If you are a new player, you get 2015% bonus on the first 3 deposits. For seasoned players, there are astounding bonuses, right from winning huge cash prizes to all expense paid trips to Paris. Being a pioneer in the field, Bingo Hall offers a lot on the plate-from a plethora of games to free bonuses, to online offers and much more.

  • 888 Ladies

As a new player, you get to claim £25 worth of free bingo games and up to 200% bonus worth £500 on visiting 888 Ladies Bingo. The online software used is one of a kind with state of the art features. You get access to several ongoing bingo promotions that run all throughout the year. Furthermore, the bonuses are generous no matter what kind of a player you are-seasoned or new. So, no matter what you are on the site for- whether it is to win cash or just to have fun, 888 Ladies Bingo promises a genuine entertaining environment.

  • Party Bingo

Party Bingo takes the player a notch higher with 300% returns that can go as high as £150 along with £30 worth of free bingo points when you join as a fresh player. Since, Party Bingo stands out in the online gaming world, it has made to this list of bingo reviews without fail. There are plenty of withdrawal options available to make sure that you get paid as you play. The people behind the site work 24×7 ensuring customers a safe and secure gambling experience. This sure is the cherry on the cake, isn’t it?

  • Titan Bet Bingo

The very reason why Titan Bingo has made it to the bingo reviews list is because as a new player you get to claim £40 free bingo points and a 100% return on a deposit of £40. Isn’t this enough to lure you in? This gaming site not only offers a huge range of bingo and slot games, but also remunerates your hard work with numerous bonuses, perks and cash prizes. If you make a deposit of £10 on the very first day, by the time you have finished playing, you will be rewarded double bonus bingo points. Not only this, your bingo account will be credited by £20.

  • Bucky Bingo

With an overabundance of promotional offers, bonuses, gifts in cash and kind, you surely must have thought we would keep this site absent from our bingo reviews list. However, we couldn’t stop Bucky Bingo away from our exclusive list. As a new player, you get a £30 generous welcome bonus and when you deposit £10, you can expect explosive returns. On Fridays, players get a bonus of £5 for each £50 that they spend. On weekends, the site gives a generous £20,000 to players for participating in various games. You also stand a chance to win £2, 500 at the Bingo Linx game tagged along with other games making you richer by up to £5, 000. Winners all the way, aren’t you?

  • Jackpot Joy

There’s just one word for this online bingo gaming site and the reason why it made the cut on this bingo reviews list – larger than life! Known for its round the year wonderful promotions and bonuses, Jackpot Joy does know how to bring joy in the lives of its players. On your initial deposit you get a generous matching bonus along with additional bingo play points worth £35. Unlike other bingo games which offer a tiny selection of games on sign up, Jackpot Joy offers a whole lot. Be it the 75 Ball Bingo, 80 Ball Bingo or the 90 Ball Bingo, you have a multitude of opportunities to win jackpots at every moment as the play progresses. Gambling at Jackpot Joy is utterly fascinating.

  • Bet 365 Bingo

When you sign in as a new player at Bet 365, you get to claim £20 free bingo points and up to 150% returns on your £150 bonus. With such incredible returns on your investment, how could we have missed this out from our bingo reviews list? If you are not a seasoned player, you can start by playing their free games and gradually gain confidence and build your own strategies. After having gained enough experience with free games, you can start playing their jackpot games. The best part about Bet 365 is that you can win whopping amounts of cash and bonuses with tickets that will cost you peanuts.

Now that we’ve offered you the best bingo reviews from the best reviewers, what are you waiting for? Gear up and start playing and earning amazing prizes, bonuses and money. If you are not an experienced player, begin by trying your luck at the free games and then start betting more as you mature.

5 top bingo review game sites February 2015

The world has changed with the massive development of the internet. Most activities now have become feasible in the virtual world and they seem happy engaging themselves in these activities from the comforts of their homes. Gambling has not been left out and online gambling is now the hottest trend in the modern day world. With so many bingo sites on the internet, it becomes difficult to choose the best and bingo review game sites becomes a necessary tool in order to solve the problem.

How does online bingo review game solve your problems?

When it comes to online bingo, people still seem to remain confused as they do not know which site to trust. There are many websites on the internet that offer online casino games such as bingo and it is very important for a person to choose a reliable site in order to have a good gaming experience.

Most of the sites offer the same basic features. However, the real difference lies in the authenticity of the firm running the casino, the deals and promotions offered and the quality of games provided by them. Another major factor that decides the ranking of bingo game sites is the security of the financial transaction which they use. If a casino cannot offer an encrypted payment gateway, then it is not worth using because an unsafe transaction could cause loss of information and digital theft.

Best bingo review game sites in February

If you’re new to bingo and want a list of the hottest bingo sites to play at, here are 5 of the major bingo review game sites which are set to make a great impact among gamblers far and wide in the month of February:

  • Bingo Hall

One of the best casino sites in the world, Bingo Hall has everything that you need and appears in the top 5 bingo review game sites for February. They have been in the business for decades and have earned a lot of respect from the online bingo community for the authenticity of the staff and the fair practices used. The offers and promotions given by Bingo Hall are ranked among the best in the business. Furthermore, their gaming engine is robust and provides access to some of the most heart pounding bingo games that you will find on the internet.

  • 123 Bingo

This is the most famous bingo site that you will find in the US. 123 Bingo offers many exciting bingo games with huge jackpots and prizes. This is why bingo review game site lists are not complete without the mention of this website. The games are easy to play and there is a free bingo section that attracts thousands of new players each month. The firm ensures proper safety of transactions, have the best in class games, use a powerful gaming engine and have the trust of thousands of happy players who vouch for the website. If you’re from the US and new to the scene of online bingo, 123 Bingo is one site you should not miss out.

  • Gala Bingo

Owned by the Gala Group of Northern Ireland, Gala Bingo is one of the largest online bingo firms in the world. Their games are fantastic and make the website one of the most worthy entries into the bingo review game lists. They offer many great games, have awesome new player discounts and run jackpots and promotions regularly to keep their players happy. Gala Bingo are one of the best in the UK and a must try for all bingo enthusiasts from the United Kingdom and neighbouring regions.

  • Bet365 Bingo

Owned by the Bet365 sports group, this bingo site is undoubtedly one of the best you’re going to find on the internet. They offer some of the best games with interesting themes and hosts them all on a gaming platform especially designed for the site. Their staff is counted amongst the best and you can connect with them easily for any grievances that might erupt during your gaming experience. The prizes, jackpots and promotions offered are amazing and every new player signing up on the site gets access to many freebies and no deposit bonus cash for easy gaming.

  • Instant Bingo

A new entrant into the world of online gambling is Instant Bingo, and has everything that will delight the players. The website is one of a kind and is a feature on the bingo review game list. They are known for the famous bingo games and amazing prizes and offer a $25 no deposit sign-up bonus to new players. The site UI is designed for faster navigation and the user reviews of the Instant Bingo show positive attitude of the online bingo community towards the website. If you’re looking for something new and fresh then Instant Bingo is the place that you must visit.

The aforementioned websites offer some of the best bingo experiences and if you’re a new player without any idea about online bingo, you should start by playing on these sites. However, always make sure that you gamble within a limit as bingo is addictive and can cause serious repercussions to your personal and financial conditions. Furthermore, all forms of gambling must be treated as a way to keep yourself entertained and you must not try to make a living out of it. Treat these games as just another video game and have an awesome time playing a wide range of games on these websites.

Bingo review game sites give you a better understanding about the famous and trending bingo sites across the globe. By taking advice from the above list, you can make a rational decision regarding your choice of casino and play responsibly. Choose a site that suits you the best from the bingo review game list and enrich your bingo playing experience in the month of February.

How to write the perfect bingo review

If you have been thinking of writing a bingo review for your favourite site, you need to understand a few things first. Have you ever bought something from the online shopping portals? An electric kettle or any clothing for example? The first things you check are the ratings and stars given by other users.

We are living in an age where competition has become so fierce that buying goods by looking at all the available options has become a habit.

On the topic of bingo review today we will stick by the principle of ‘competition is king’. If you write a review of any bingo game you particularly liked or a bingo website which you didn’t like at all, you are giving other players a chance to see what they are like.

That’s why an honest review is always appreciated. Writing a review about anything is a very important responsibility which should not be biased in any way. Are you ready to read the golden tips which will guide you towards writing a valuable bingo review?

  • Try it out yourself before preaching about it

This is our very first rule which needs to be religiously followed or you will end up being called an imposter! Be original and authentic and write your own views on what you find about the site.

Decide which game or bingo website online that you want to write about and then make yourself familiar with it. For example, if you are writing a review about a game, then you must have played it. That way you will be aware of all the details which need to be reported for the reader.

  • A bingo review must be unbiased

If you give your reviewed bingo game or website a full 100% Positive rating, then trust us you will come across as a poor reviewer! Give an honest opinion about your complete experience, and as such, will produce a more accurate review.

There are usually two sides to every site; good and bad. If navigation is ultra-smooth then payments could be slower or other aspects of the site that could attract a poorer review.

  • Details are everything

Writing a bingo review is not as easy thing to do, you have to be specific about every aspect of the items which you are reviewing. For example, if you thought that a particular website had poor 75 balls bingo games, then tell the reader why you found it to be like that.

Do not overlook the important details regarding gaming software, payment modes, navigation, behaviour of the coordinator, chat rooms, etc. Do not try to keep it short; only focus on keeping it detailed.

  • Talk about bonuses and jackpots

A good bingo review is incomplete without the mention of bonuses, prize deals and jackpots offered by the bingo games. Since every bingo player dreams about the free bonuses and guaranteed cash prizes, you have got to review about these as well.

Mention all the games which offer the greatest payouts plus free game bonus deals. You should also write about the current and upcoming bonuses to facilitate the choices of new players.

  • Include screenshots of the website

If your players can actually see what you are talking about, it gives your review an advantage over the others. For this, include several screenshots of the bingo games and website you are reviewing, so that the players will know what they should expect. These screenshots will also show the quality of software for players who are not quite ready to play the paid games.

  • Mention about the betting and gaming policies

A good bingo review mentions everything about the terms and conditions regarding the website. For example, how many payment methods are available, how many currencies are accepted and whether the customer support staff is reachable or not

Put yourself in the shoes of a new bingo player and then ask the questions. Also tell your readers about the restrictions on the wagering, if any.

  • Cover all the basics

Information about the current bonuses, promotion deals, loyalty bonus, VIP program and other special deals must also be covered by you. You are curious enough to know about it all and your readers will be just as curious as you, to know the truth.

Include the prices of tickets along with the procedure of depositing and withdrawing the funds. Try to make your review as detailed as possible to guide the readers.

  • Don’t copy other reviewers work

If you read about an online gambling reviewer who has covered all the points and you find it totally satisfactory, don’t start copying it! Go and play yourself or make yourself acquainted with the website and write an honest bingo review.

Not all the reviews cover everything and when you experience the website and gaming yourself, you will know it better. You can’t write about something unless you have gone through every detail yourself. If you do, the written piece remains soulless and will attract only a few readers.

These are the most useful tips for you if you have decided to write a bingo review. Don’t listen to your friends who say this is tough because it’s not.

Writing a bingo review could also be beneficial for you financially because it involves a form of online marketing. If your readers keep coming back to your website, it will increase the traffic for you to commercialise. Writing a review of your favourite activity could actually be a blessing.

The best reviews for sites to play bingo free

There are lots of bingo game sites that are offering a lot of offers, bonuses and promotions to their players. Every month sites come up with astounding offers, bonuses, promotions and even free games which are a true delight to bingo lovers. If you haven’t tried your hand at bingo games, you can opt for any of the sites mentioned in the list below to play bingo free. Later, you may choose to play the premium games too. Playing free games help you to understand the format of the game without having to put your money at risk in the initial stages. Check them out to get the latest offers, bonuses and promotions.

Below is a comprehensive list of some of the best bingo sites to play bingo free:

  • BingoHall

Bingo Hall is one of the most popular online bingo sites where you can play bingo free. They have got more than 300 patterns for 75 ball as well as other side games too. They come up with something special almost every day to delight their players. For example: on Wednesdays from 12pm to 1 pm, you can find free games which can make you richer by $500. On Thursdays, join their team Smackdown with three of your friends and win up to $3000. Fridays have $1000 as a hidden cash prize, which can end your week in style. On signing up at Bingo Hall, you get $35 as a Welcome Bonus and a 500% matching bonus on your first deposit..

  • Sun Bingo

Sun Bingo is one of the biggest bingo sites currently owned by The Sun newspaper. This bingo hall has been in business since 2006 and has earned a good reputation not only in the UK, but also in other countries. They have got a wide range of games like the 75 ball, 80 ball and 90 ball bingo games in addition to keno and instant wins. Monday is one of the busiest days for them since they give out ‘buy one get one free’ offers and you also get a chance to win prizes like destination vacations and more. You also have an opportunity to win a home cinema or an iPod when you try your hands at mini games. Sun Bingo, undoubtedly, would be your one of your best choices to play bingo free this year.

  • Cyber Bingo

Cyber Bingo is one of the oldest bingo sites to play bingo free. They have gained enormous fame ever since they opened their doors to the public in 1996. They are one of the most popular destinations for all your favorite bingo games on one platform with a lot of offers and promotions. On Saturday after 8pm you stand a chance to win $1000. Currently Cyber Bingo is giving away $50 and 500% deposits for new players. You can trust this bingo hall and can have hours of fun by playing bingo games and winning cash prizes.

  • Break The Bank

If you are looking to break free from common websites to play bingo free, then head over to Break the Bank. This is an astounding website where you can find an explosion of bingo online games like 75 ball, 90 ball, slots as well as table games. You can win instantly with online jackpots. In addition, players can share their experiences with their co- players in the community section. Break The Bank gives new players $50 as a sign-up bonus using the code BREAK50 and also a matching bonus of 600% on the first deposit.

  • Bet365 Bingo

If you want to play bingo free then you cannot go wrong with Bet365. They were established in 1996 and are one of the best bingo halls that you will find in the online market. Bet365 have a live casino as well as 75 ball, 80 ball and 90 ball games for their players. You can play Linx games and get a chance to win amounts ranging from £2000 to £5000. Every day they keep on coming up with some of the best offers, bonuses, and promotions which can be hard to resist. So sign up at Bet365 and have a lot of fun playing free and premium games.

  • Bingo Cabin

Bingo Cabin welcomes you with a unique 3D environment to play bingo free. You can play games like 75 ball, mini slots and even 3D games, which is a fresh change compared to conventional games. They have got the best 3D online games, chat games, offers, bonuses as well as a good competition too. Bingo Cabin is right now giving away $30 as a signup bonus and a matching deposit bonus of 300%. If you want to try out a new way of playing bingo games, you should definitely go to Bingo Cabin and play some of the popular games in 3D for a change.

  • William Hill Bingo

William Hill Bingo is one of the best bingo halls in the UK with some of the best online bingo games for their players to play bingo free. You can play online bingo games like 75 ball, 80 ball, and 90 ball games in addition to table games, sport betting as well as live casino games. Their sign up bonus is not high, but it is better when compared to some established sites. They are giving away $10 as a signup bonus. William Hill has a great name in the industry and boasts a significant player base.

  • Vic’s Bingo

If you are looking for exciting offers, bonuses, and promotions, you need to check out Vic’s Bingo. They offer chat support as well as phone calls to help you out with any issues you may face during your game play. Every Friday evening, you get a chance to win a hidden cash prize of $1000. On a daily basis, the site gives out anywhere from 150% to 400% as a reload bonus and a chance to win prizes like luxury cruises and jewelry. Players get $30 as a sign-up bonus so that they can start to play bingo free and get the hang of the site.

Our top 5 bingo games free online to players

The easiest way to find sites where you can play bingo games free online is to go to one of the big comparison websites. Here you will find all the information on one site. The various options are reviewed by independent researchers who really know what to look for when visiting these new sites. Their findings are then published on the main site for all to see.

They will explain what the various start-up packages are and any ongoing loyalty bonus scheme as well. Check out some of the chat rooms and get to know what other players think of the site. You will soon be told of any problems experienced by the veteran players if they’ve encountered any. The more information you have about the site will lead you to make the right choice that fits your needs. You will find many sites reviewed that offer bingo games free online but not all will be the same. You need to weigh up the pros and cons before making your choice.

Check out the site for Lucky Night Bingo to see their recommendations. A reputable site that gives honest opinions by its independent reviewers.

Let’s take a look at some of the top 5 sites available to you offering bingo games free online.

  • Bingo Cabin

Registration for Bingo Cabin is so easy; you don’t even need a debit or credit card to register before play can begin. Being totally free, it does have some limitations in that the only bingo game on offer is that of the 75 ball game. That said though, they offer an exciting range of instant games, pull tabs and slots. They also offer some truly mega deals where the jackpot can top £10,000. Not bad for a freebie! Also on offer are 2 hours of free play every day where punters can win guaranteed big cash prizes. Check it out: you won’t be disappointed.

  • 32 Red Bingo

This site always appears when searching for bingo games free online. It has a tremendous sense of fun built into every game. With a simple registration process you’ll soon be awarded with their £10 bonus offer without the need to deposit real cash. Again, there are some limitations; on this site, the bingo game is the 90 ball variation. It does offer an exciting choice of video poker, slots and super bonus games. The ability to chat here is a little limited when compared to other sites, but their customer care center is top notch and available around the clock.

  • Bingo Canada

Bingo Canada uses software provided by Parlay who have been providing a good product for many years. You will see that the site is registered in Costa Rica but that has no real effect on the quality of the site. Here you can choose to play their games for game cash or to play them for real. Such a good choice for bingo games free online! You will find many promotions on offer throughout the site, but you may have to visit several rooms to find the complete selection. However, the site is very easy to navigate and by visiting its many rooms, you may be tempted to play something new.

  • South Beach Bingo

Here is another site that always appears in the top 10 for bingo games free online. As with Bingo Canada this too uses software from the Parlay Company and likewise is registered in Costa Rica. Her you will find the 75 version of the game which is the most popular with players from the USA. The chat moderators are always available to help answer any of your questions and add such fun to the chat games. The graphics on this site are 3D quality so you almost feel that you are playing in a real casino. Again, the registration process is instantaneous and you are free to collect your start-up bonus immediately.

  • William Hill Bingo

Everybody must have heard of William Hill unless you’ve been living on Mars for the past few years. Not usually associated with bingo games free online, they are one of the largest bookmakers from the high street and have been providing their services for many years. With this vast experience, they know just what their customers expect and they know how best to deliver this package. You will have the choice of 75, 80 and 90 ball bingo games as well as a huge choice of slot and arcade style games. The site is very easy to navigate and tempts you into new halls and rooms with exciting jack pot prizes.

The game of Bingo is mainly one of luck although some veterans would argue the point and say it also requires an element of skill. The more you play bingo games free online you will judge whether this statement is correct or not.

Most of the above sites make it really easy for a newcomer to this online world. Some do not even require a debit or credit card on registration. Those that do will encrypt all personal details using the latest 128 bit technology which will be remotely stored on a secure server. Once registered you can claim your free game money or free time in the various halls. At no time are you under any obligation to continue playing on a site if you find it not as expected. There are plenty of other sites that offer bingo games free online so just sign up for another one.

A lot of these top sites will also offer the chance to play on your mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet. Follow the links to the mobile friendly version of the main site and you’re there!

Check out some of these sites and play bingo games free online and prepare yourself for all the excitement that comes with it.

5 sites with the best online bingo reviews this February

To get an idea of what is on offer out there on the World Wide Web, you need to do some research in the right direction. Type in a few keywords and immediately you will be led to the best online bingo reviews. These specialized sites compare one gambling site with another and are conducted by reviewers who know what to look for. They do the work for you! As independent reviewers, you will get an unbiased opinion for each site which they visit, and tabulate their findings in one place. You can then easily see the pros and cons of each site and decide which one is right for you.

You will see that all sites offer generous packages on first registration. We shall discuss these in more detail later in this article. Some sites offer loyalty bonuses as an incentive to keep their regular players returning. There is so much competition available with new sites opening every month; the existing ones have to keep ahead of the new operators or fall by the wayside. They need to get good online bingo reviews each time!

Some of the big bingo sites are operated by the bookmakers who have betting shops on the local high street. Other names you may know from the adverts around the race track, football pitch or sporting venue. Some are even operated by your favorite daily newspaper.

These are the big names of this industry and carry the best online bingo reviews. They need to operate legitimately as they have too much to lose if they are discovered running an unregulated site. They would soon lose their precious gaming license.

One of the best sites for impartial online bingo reviews is Lucky Night Bingo. Through this site you will be pointed in the right direction of some of the top sites.

Let’s take a look at some sites that have the best online bingo reviews.

  • William Hill Bingo

One of the big name operators from the high street, William Hill is a name known to most people, gamblers or otherwise. They’ve been in the business long enough to know what their customers want and deliver exactly that. 75, 80 and 90 ball bingo games are here as well as an exciting choice of slot and arcade style games. A visit to this site is always a pleasure.

  • Bingo Cabin

The registration system used by this site is so simple and doesn’t even need a credit or debit card to before playing begins. This is so convenient for you to play at home. The choice of bingo games is limited to the single game of 75 ball bingo. This is not too restrictive though as they offer mega deals and offer prize money of up to 6 figure sums! The online hall has other favorites available, such as slots, pull tabs and instant games. A free offer of two hours play each day is a bonus feature and players can win big cash prizes.

  • New Bingo Billy

This site had a bit of a controversial start but has now overcome that to become one of the top sites around. The graphics and design also let it down a little but it more than makes up for this with the choice of compelling games. You have a choice of the 75 ball or 90 ball bingo games as well as a good range of chat games. Included here are seasonal games, regular and extra special promotional games. You’ll also find both 3 and 5 reel slots with all the features we all know and love. This site usually gets good online bingo reviews.

  • Bingo Canada

This site is registered in Costa Rica but don’t let that put you off. It is as trustworthy as any of the others and always appears highly placed in the online bingo reviews. One of the top reasons for playing here is the free slot games that are offered. Playing for real cash prizes is also an option, as is playing for bingo money. You will find many promotional offers as you navigate the site so there is always something to tempt you to stay and play a little longer.

  • Bingo Scotland

Yes, this is a real site and a good one if you want to chat with Scottish people about the game. Join in some of the chat room activity and share your passion with others who feel the same way. Your bingo choice gives you the option of 75 or 90 ball games and there are the usual selection of slots and scratch card games too. Jackpot games are held weekly with a guaranteed winner walking off with a huge prize.

  • South Beach Bingo

Another site which is constantly awarded the highest online bingo reviews. On offer here is the US favorite of the 75 ball game. The guys in the chat room are there to help 24/7 and add interest to the ongoing chat games in which they participate. The graphics here are superb: almost like being in a real casino! On offer too is a generous start-up bonus package for you to use immediately.

  • Betfred Bingo

Another well-known and trusted name is Betfred. They have been operating betting shops since 1967 and has a trustworthy history of providing good service. Another constant recipient of good online bingo reviews. You’ll find all your favorite slot games here as well as 75 and 90 ball bingo. It also offers a choice of other casino style games such as Black jack, roulette and video roulette.

By now you see just what a huge choice of sites is available for you to play on. Check out some that get the best online bingo reviews and you cannot go far wrong. You too will get the enjoyment of playing this game of luck.

The best bingo bonuses in the UK this February.

The game of bingo is mainly a game of luck, although some would argue that there is an element of skill as well. It was first played in Italy in the early 18th century and soon spread across the globe. It is popular with all age groups and can often be used as a teaching aid in schools, due to the fun element of it. As the internet is available to more and more people, so too is online bingo. With the game of bingo comes the fabulous bingo bonuses.

You will need to do some research into the various sites online. Probably the best way of doing this is to visit some of the comparison sites. On such sites you will see many gaming sites compared side by side by independent reviewers. Here you be able to check and see which site is offering the best bingo bonuses. These trial offers usually offer free game money to new registrations for you to get a feel for the game before you commit to playing with real money. Some sites offer bingo cards for free, yet still give away cash prizes, although not as large as when real money is deposited.

Those of you who have never played online bingo will find this article educational and useful. The veterans amongst you will also want to know about the raft of new bingo bonuses that are offered by more and more sites. New sites spring up all the time and try to encourage new players by offering some fantastic start up deals.

Let’s try to explain in simple terms the different bingo bonuses on offer right now!

  • Free Trial or no deposit bonuses

Most bingo sites will offer a relatively small amount as a start-up bonus. This removes the risk of losing real money until you feel you have a better understanding of the game. Once you feel that you have found a suitable site, you will need to deposit some real cash in order to continue playing. This is done by giving details of a debit or credit card. All personal details are encrypted using the latest 128 bit technology so all your personal data is as safe as it can be. Some sites place restrictions on winnings from the free game money so it’s always advisable to read through the terms and conditions before you commence play. Some cash won by the free money bingo bonuses first given is often used to buy more cards for future games.

  • Bonus for first registrations.

Many sites will match your initial real money deposit by a certain percentage. This varies between sites from a commonly found 100% to extreme cases of 900%. This is another reason why it is good to do some research into the various sites to find the best bingo bonuses. Once you have a cash prize using real money, it is easy to withdraw and top up your bank account. Or better still, treat yourself to a little indulgence; you deserve it!

  • Loyalty bonuses

As the name suggests, these bonuses are to encourage players to keep returning to a particular site. These loyalty bonuses are seldom as large as the initial start-up bonus, but are still worth having. Who amongst us does not like to be given money? Some sites continue to increase the size of these loyalty bingo bonuses and offer exclusive membership into their VIP section. With this also comes access to extra special games with really top cash prizes. Some sites will offer luxury cars, speedboats or exotic holidays as prizes to its loyal members. The best way of replacing that rusty old banger!

  • A sticky bingo bonus

This is a strange bonus in the way it works. As its name suggests, it sticks in your account and you will not be able to withdraw the initial deposit. This particular bonus offers much higher odds for winning because of the inability to withdraw. This is only for the initial deposit and does not affect the withdrawal of any winnings won because of it. Again, all this is fully explained in the terms and conditions which are published on site.

  • Slot bonuses

Bonuses for slot games tend to be a lot higher than for other games. The initial deposits too tend to be higher because the chances of winning are a lot better.

Much more information about the various bingo bonuses is made available to you on each of the gambling sites. It is highly recommended that you take the time to read through these and get a better understanding of what they all mean.

Many sites have a dedicated email address, an FAQ section and sometimes a 24/7 live operator to assist you with your enquiries. Some also have a tutorial section where you can learn a bit more about the tips and strategies of the game.

Bingo is basically an easy game to master and most people have no trouble at all in playing for full enjoyment and with the fantastic bingo bonuses on offer this month, you’ll soon be having great fun.

Try to find a site with a forum and chat room so you can get to know some of your opponents. It’s all part of the fun! You may find yourself chatting with people from all walks of life and from all over the world.

A few words of caution: you are advised to look out for the gaming license which is held by the site. This means that they are registered with the local gaming authority and regulated by independent adjudicators who check that the software is performing as it should.

Do a little research into what’s on offer with these new bingo bonuses; you’ll be surprised just how generous they can be.


6 Bingo games that we are playing this february

The game of bingo can be traced back to the early 18th century when it was played in Italy as a form of lottery. Because of the ease of which it can be played, it soon became very popular and consequently spread throughout Europe and eventually across the globe. Bingo halls began to spring up in all the large towns and cities as a result of its widespread appeal. With the rise of the internet, so came the demise of these bricks and mortar halls. It is so easy now to play bingo games online that many of these traditional halls are becoming obsolete and are closing down.

Nearly everybody now has access to the internet which means these bingo games are available at a time and place which suits you. No more making that tedious journey to your local bingo hall, when a vast selection of games are available in your own home. Faced with this vast choice, you need to do some research to find the bingo games that suit your needs. The best way to start your search is to read the independent reviews posted on comparison websites. Here you will find the top sites compared with each other and all the pros and cons are listed for your information.

Once you have found a site that you think is OK for you, you will need to read through the terms and conditions to make sure there are no clauses that would spoil your enjoyment of the bingo games online. Many sites offer generous start up packages for new registrations which will often include free bonuses and access to online halls for the exclusive use of newcomers. This access will have a time limit. You cannot be classed as a new player for several weeks!

Many of you will recognize a lot of the operators who run these sites. We have all seen their adverts in the newspapers or on television for online bingo games. Some will be operated by the big names that have betting shops on your local high street. These are sites that should be trustworthy. You should check out their gaming license which is usually displayed on their site. This will reassure you that they are registered with the local gaming authority and will be subject to periodic checks by an independent company to ensure their software is running as it should.

The initial registration process is relatively straightforward needing only a debit or credit card to pay for your games. This will also serve as age verification because bingo is a form of gambling. It is subject to a minimum age limit; usually 18 years. All your personal information is digitally encrypted using the latest 128 bit technology and is stored offsite on a remote, secure server. Not even the site has access to your personal information.

Once registered, you are under no obligation to continue playing bingo games once your free bonus has expired. Many sites will continue to offer bonuses as part of a loyalty scheme to encourage punters to return.

Having covered the basics, let’s take a look at the top online bingo games.

  • 888 Ladies Bingo

This must rank as one of the top bingo sites in the UK. You will see it offers a very generous start up package and an ongoing loyalty scheme as a reward to its returning customers. They offer a jackpot prize at least four times each day with extended playing times throughout its two dedicated halls.

  • Titan Bingo

On this site you will find the opportunity to play for free but still be in with a chance to win cash prizes. They offer non-stop bingo games throughout the day so you can join in at a time that suits you. If your bank balance has seen better days, sign up for free and take the opportunity of increasing your bank balance immediately.

  • Gala Bingo

This must be one of the largest operators of both online and “bricks and mortar” bingo halls. Their experience in this field is unsurpassed and the quality of the site is of the highest level. They are very innovative and are constantly introducing new and exciting offers and games to tempt its many regular punters who are looking for good value for money and extra special deals.

  • Costa Bingo

You can not fail to have heard of this company as they are great believers in spreading the word through their up to date advertising campaigns. It has become established as one of the major providers of online bingo games. The sheer number of returning customers is all the proof you need to know that this is as good a site as any you will find.

  • Party bingo

This site constantly appears in the top 10 listings. They have received many accolades for their customer service, good management practices and fast payouts of prize money. They are constantly striving to be the best in the field.

  • Bet365 Bingo

This is an extremely well run site that puts the fun back into online bingo games. They are always coming up with fresh ideas and unique schemes to encourage new players. They also have a very loyal following so they must be doing something right to keep these punters returning.

This is not an exhaustive list by any means, it depends on which listings site you read. These sites are considered to be trustworthy as they have a good reputation in the industry and cannot afford to jeopardize their precious gaming license by operating rogue sites.

Try visiting some of these sites and make up your own mind about which one creates the most excitement and has the greatest chance of winning you some cash. Playing bingo games online has never been easier!