A Review of Available Bingo Bonuses

Playing online bingo can give you loads of entertainment and can be potentially profitable. Many people are curious about gambling on the web but have never taken the plunge. Gambling can certainly be daunting especially with the abundance of such sites currently. A great way to begin after having chosen your site is to take advantage of bingo bonuses given out by site operators. You can have this facility on almost all sites now as it gives a player a likeness for the site and gets him thinking about possible wins. These bonuses are available in various forms-some have certain restrictions, so you need to read the terms and conditions of the site while others seem to be more relaxed. A majority of these ask you to make a certain amount of deposit before withdrawing any profits.

Some popular bingo bonuses available

Below is a list of the most popular bingo bonuses.

  • Freeroll

A freeroll or free ticket is the simplest among bingo bonuses. The gambling operator establishes special rooms where players are given a complimentary ticket and an opportunity to win real cash prize. The chances of winning are pretty slim with the prizes being worth only a few pounds. However, there’s nothing harm in trying this. The best part is that it can be a fantastic way for new players to know more about the software used and other players.

  • Sign up bonus

A sign up bonus is a bonus given out by bingo sites when a player joins it for the first time. On account of the enormous competition in the online gambling world, sites offer free money to players on signing up. This is a trick used to make the sites attractive to players. Site operators are aware that if this bonus is not given out, a player will not even given them a second look. The sign up bingo bonuses normally range between 5-10 pounds with which you can play more games. However, there are certain restrictions to your game choice. For instance, you may not be able to play slots or additional games with this free money.

  • Match bonus (Bonus for new deposits)

This is the most common kind of bonus where you are given 100% of your deposit amount or something like “50 pounds on initial deposit. Most of these require a minimum amount of deposit and can give you the maximum amount in return. Sometimes promotions may offer 200% of the amount you deposit. These bingo bonuses depend on how popular a site is. A widely chosen site will apparently give a better bonus on new deposit which accounts for the high number of players.

  • No deposit bonus

A no deposit bonus gives real attraction to new players to a site. The temptation of getting a bonus without spending anything is tough to resist. This is the reason why most gambling sites give out these bingo bonuses. For a person new to the world of online gambling, this gives him a chance to play the game and gets to know more about it while enjoying at the same time without risking any money. For more experience players, these bonuses give them an opportunity to play more in a relaxed manner.

The no deposit bonus can be divided into two categories. The first includes giving out free money to play games while the other is when you are given an established number of bingo cards, which can be used to gamble.

  • Subsequent deposit bonus

Many sites offer bonuses on every single deposit you make. However, these have a reduced percentage match and follow certain payment mechanism. Some of these bonuses are given out on certain days of the week. Also, these bingo bonuses can be given in the form of points which can later be converted into credits.

How and where to get online bingo bonuses?

The best place to find bingo bonuses is to go online. You’ll find a whole lot of sites offering the bonuses mentioned above in addition to others. Because of the fierce competition, sites strive to amass and display all the information to its users. A majority of bingo bonus codes are given by casinos on the internet. These codes permit players to take advantage of various offers available on the casino site. As a newbie, you are advised to read reviews of various gambling sites. There have been instances of fraud and scam where players were drawn to these bonuses offered by a certain site only to find that it was a big deception.

The actions to be taken by a gambler for availing these bonuses include filling out the registration form, downloading any software that is applicable, setting up an account and linking your bank account to it. Sometime you may be asked to make a deposit and participate in a few bingo sessions.

Besides bingo bonuses, some rooms offer promotions to regular players. These include reload bonuses or weekly freerolls. The former is attached to a specific time or day of the week. Very often, these are deposit matches same as the ones offered above. Some other kinds of bonuses include ticket discounts,  by one get one free or BOGOF, loyalty point programs besides special occasion promotions.

Bingo bonuses are not only available on the internet. Many trustworthy bingo parlors also offer players such opportunities, especially to the beginners to hone their skills.

Many players wonder how and why gambling sites are able to give so much of bingo bonuses. With the prices of tickets ranging from 1p to 5p, it’s difficult to understand how these businesses survive. However the answer lies in “volume”.  Quite different from land-based bingo halls, which have restricted limitations and considerable overheads, these online parlors have unlimited capacity. They can earn easily with a high number of players at relatively minor incremental expense. Consequently, they have the affording capabilities to give their customers a lot back, which is impossible with a real bingo hall.