Bingo Bonuses Explained


Bingo follows the rules of probability. It is a game of chance, and is played across the globe. It is played by gaming enthusiasts of all age groups, ethnic origins, colour, creed, sex and religion. Due to the community feeling, this game is extremely popular in Europe and the US and has migrated to other parts of the world via travellers, explorers and even by soldiers. The rapid growth of the internet has allowed online bingo to penetrate to the deeper roots of the society. However, until we get to know about bingo bonuses, it will be difficult for us to understand which one is the best site to choose.

Before choosing the best site, we need to understand what is meant by various types of bingo bonuses. Once you are thorough with the system, choose the best site and start playing using your free trial bonus. Check the authenticity of the site and which gaming control board regulates it. In case of any disputes, it is very imperative to know that information.

Logic behind having various types of bingo bonuses

The ones among you who are new to the world of bingo bonuses will find this article useful. People familiar with bingo games already know about these bonuses, however, they would love to know about the new types of bonuses which are coming up on new websites. We will discuss about some of the most common bonuses which are available almost on every casino site for bingo and other types of casino games.

  • Free Trial Bonus or no deposit bonus

If you are new to any bingo website, you’ll find that most bingo websites offer you free virtual money (small amounts like $10 or £10) to start to play with. If you like the look and feel of the site and want to continue, then you will have to make a deposit. However, most sites keep it as non-cashable, while some keep it as cashable to lure bingo enthusiasts.

The whole idea is if the site provides cash refund on the free trial bonus, then seeing the money in your account will make you feel good and you will feel like playing more. For this you will need to enter your valid credit or debit card details. The bingo bonuses amount will be free and you will not be able to encash it on most of the sites. The amount which you win from any game can be used to buy more bingo cards.

Sign Up bonus or upfront first deposit

Once you start playing on any site using free no deposit bonus, you may choose to play further by making the first payment. In such a case, the site will increase your money and will give you more sign up credits in your bingo wallet. Typically, these bingo bonuses are around 100%, 200% or even 300% on most of the sites. If you research properly, you will see that some of them offer up to 900%.

That means if you recharge your account with $100, and the sign up bonus for the particular site is 300%, you will see $300 worth of credit in your wallet. You may win real money and withdraw the same using bank transfer, wire transfer etc. This is where the real fun starts as you can use that money to do shopping, renovate your home or pay off old debts.

  • Reload Bonus

Reload bonuses are offered on subsequent times when you load up your account. It is usually more than the sign up bonus. It is in the range of 250-600 % in most of the sites and is meant to attract bingo enthusiast again and again. It is normally offered at a smaller percentage than the first one. Since the website wants to attract the players, sign up bonus for most of the sites will be the highest.

Once a player gets hooked on to the site, s/he will continue playing unless s/he gets bored of the games available. This is why the first reload bonus is lower than the sign up bingo bonuses. However, once the player continues to reload for multiple times, it is very important to appreciate him or her for his or her continuous patronage. As a result, bingo sites increase the percentage on the reload bingo bonuses. Take that long awaited vacation with that extra cash you won and have loads of fun.

  • Sticky Bingo Bonus

Some bingo sites offer this kind of specific bingo bonuses which are easy to wager but impossible to withdraw. As the name suggests, it sticks to your account. The good part about these bonuses is that your chance of winning increases by manifolds. Since you have pledged that amount to the site and will never withdraw it, the site too wants to increase your probability of winning. You may choose to withdraw once you start winning.

We would recommend that you keep an eye on the rules, restrictions and policies of sites giving out bingo bonuses money. This way you can enjoy the free bonuses and keep playing. It has been commonly observed that bingo sites keep a strict vigil on the player behaviour. If any player is found to use any scrupulous means to break the system, then s/he is immediately discarded by the site. Since the credit card details were entered initially, there is an electronic trail left.

Slot Bonuses

Many of you who are suckers for slot games will realise that the bonuses are much higher on these sites. The deposits too are higher on these slot games. Once you become a pro in the gambling and gaming world, then you should try to play slots.

Hope this article gave you an idea about bingo bonuses in general. Now choose your favourite site, take your tab and go to your garden or balcony. Start playing bingo and start winning too. Once the adrenaline rush takes over, you will feel the kick this game gives to you.