Bingo Games Reviewed

Online gaming is not a new pursuit in our society. From ordinary trade on account of necessities to betting mainly for sport and profit, gambling has turned out to be a favorite pastime for many people for many years. It’s apparent that in some social circles the attraction of winning is the fundamental reason that keeps people drawn to casino and bingo games. Besides this, it’s the action, mystery and the allurement of the energy exhibited.

Bingo games are continuing to grow in popularity all across the globe especially in the online world. Social gaming operators are regularly coming up with all kinds of unique games and themes where players can play the best game on the internet or on their mobile devices without having to lose the social aspect. Gambling sites have countless themes and this is one of the reasons for the growing popularity of the game.

Online Bingo has moved the player in an entirely new direction of comfort and convenience. It’s this convenience that doesn’t demand a particular schedule, no waiting in queues and no hectic traffic among others. And, the best part of playing bingo is that you can play as you are. Don’t bother about your pyjams or rollers in your hair since no one is going to notice you.

If you are a regular player, you must be well-acquainted with themed rooms like Bejeweled Bingo, Last Chance Saloon, Deal or No Deal etc. These themes are brought forward by software firms like Virtue Fusion.

Here is a list of reviews of some important bingo games that are widely played.

  • 30 ball bingo

The 30 ball bingo game is the most recent concept to be added to the collection of games. Each card has three rows and three columns creating nine squares in all. It’s a speedy game and is also known as “Speed Bingo.”  There are thirty possible numbers that can be announced in every game. A player has to match only nine numbers. Many players are drawn to this game on account of the speed at which it’s played. As a result, progressive jackpots are built in a short time. This eventually results in a higher number of potential winners in comparison to other bingo games.

  • 75 ball bingo

This is one of the highly played bingo games and has turned out to be a favorite among gamblers. A card in this game is made up of five columns and each column has fifteen numbers. The word “BINGO” can be seen written on the top of the ticket and the columns represent the five letters of the game. There are twenty five squares in each card-five down and five across. These contain numbers from 1-75 arranged in a random fashion. A player is expected to create a specific pattern while he matches the numbers that are called with those appearing on his ticket. The winner has access to 6000 combinations while creating the patterns. The jackpot prize is allotted to the one who is able to complete the pattern before the specified balls to the number of the jackpot. This game is widely played in the US and Canada.

  • 80 ball bingo

The 80 ball bingo is a rapid game with the coveralls taking a long time to be achieved. You’ll not find this variation quite often on the web. Some of the online gambling sites offering this bingo game are William Hill Bingo, Crown Bingo, Mecca Bingo and Bingo Legacy to name a few. Each card of this game has a 4 by 4 grid with a total of sixteen spaces. There aren’t any free spaces. As suggested by the name, this game has eighty possible numbers that can be announced. The patterns are very much similar to the 75 ball bingo game. However, this game is somewhat similar to playing a 90 ball game due to the absence of letters across the top of your bingo card. The columns of this card have unique colors. The game includes patterns, vertical, horizontal and diagonal lines besides four squares, four corners and full house or coveralls.

  • 90 ball bingo

The 90 ball bingo is another variation of bingo games that is popular mostly in Europe and the UK. It’s pretty exciting which makes it a much sought after type of entertainment. It can be played both online and offfline. Each card in this game has three rows and nine columns. A player can have access to three unique winning patterns. After a player wins a first line, the game for the second line begins. The major prize goes to the winner of the third line. The jackpot prize is won by the player who achieves a full house before the stipulated balls to the jackpot number. A single game in a 90 ball bingo game can have three winners. In this form of online bingo, a player has more choice when it comes to selecting the number of tickets.

  • Straight Line Pattern Game

The straight line pattern is the most familiar pattern used in bingo games. This is very common in one-line bingo and regular bingo games. To get this kind of winning pattern, a player has to cover the consecutive numbers appearing on his card-right from the beginning of the grid to its end. This line can be place vertically, horizontally or diagonally. In two line bingo games, you need to cover two lines of this type in order to win.

  • Letter Pattern

Again, this is a pretty interesting variation of bingo games. Letter patterns are combination of straight line patterns. For instance, the letter X, I, Z, T are all made up of straight lines. These are less popular since they are comparatively easier to play than the other games mentioned in this list, but are still prevalent in various corners of the world.

  • Blackouts

Blackouts or coveralls take the longest time to complete since players are expected to fill their entire bingo card. This bingo game can give you more fun and entertainment, and is meant for those who love to win the hard way. These games are usually played in bingo tournaments on the web.

These bingo games can give you a rush of adrenaline since all of these can give you uninterrupted fun. As a newbie, you are advised to try out all these and some more until you find your favorite game.