Do you have to use your bingo bonuses if you are offered them?

Even if you are just getting started in the world of online bingo, you’ll find that it’s a heavily competitive marketplace. There are many websites and it seems that each one of them is out there to grab your attention. Against this landscape, bingo bonuses have emerged as the best technique adopted by bingo sites to pull in new players and retain them.

While the different types of bonuses might look overwhelming, you will find that some of them fail to keep their promises, eventually leaving you feeling cheated. We will take you on a tour of these bonuses so that you can make the right decision as to/ whether to accept or pass them off.

Some honest facts about bingo bonuses:

  • Sites pay out the same amount irrespective of the value of bonus money they give you

Most bingo sites pay on an average 60% on real cash or the deposit which you make. At the same time, there are sites that give bingo bonuses which can be labeled as “peanuts”.

This indicates that on a card-by-card basis, the higher the amount of bonus put into play, the lower the effective payout for each card. Taking for granted that you get the same amount of bonus received by other players, you can purchase as many cards as you want since its innocuous.

As you will see later in this article, bonuses can both be harmful as well as detrimental.

  • Bonuses cannot be redeemed as cash

Your deposits, winnings and bingo bonuses are treated separately by all bingo sites. Your winnings are the first to be spent, followed by the deposit you make and the bonus.

An important thing to note about bonuses is that they are kind of “virtual money”. You can use them to play, purchase cards and wager. In some cases, sites allow you to play only after you deposit funds into your bingo account. Bonuses just help you to gain access to the site without having to deposit extra funds.

If bingo bonuses were redeemable as cash, gambler would be joining as many bingo sites as possible merely to take advantage of the free money.

This is why bingo sites do not allow you to withdraw the bonus you receive.

  • On redeeming your winnings, you can lose some or the entire bonus amount

Some sites may either penalize the bonus money that you receive or reset to $0 on redeeming your winnings. Even though this serves the wicked purpose of displeasing cash outs, it assists to reduce the average bonus money that you invest to play the games. This improves the average effective payout for each card for every gambler.

  • Your bonuses come with an expiration date

Are you aware of the fact that bingo bonuses come with an expiration date? Most sites usually make the bonus amount ineffective within 30 days. These mainly include chat game and deposit bonuses. So begin your countdown immediately and use the bonuses on time. Some bonuses can expire sooner.

This is a tactic used by bingo sites to urge players to make regular deposits since you get bingo bonuses only on depositing money.

  • Bonuses are a ruse with both positive and negative effects

The schemes of bingo bonuses given out by sites are kind of ruse. The first thing is that it’s impossible to redeem the bonuses and you’ll be having the same percentage of payouts irrespective of the bonus amount. So, the added value of a huge deposit bonus is nothing but an illusion.

To add fuel to the fire, these bonuses are normally structured to reassure you from not cashing out your winnings and spend all your winnings and deposits before the bonuses expire. In some cases, they are structured in such a way that you end up making larger deposits. The other apparent drawback is that since your winnings do not usually come with the bonus amount, it’s more costly to gamble with winnings compared to deposits.

The structure of bonuses has one positive side effect though. If you bear the brunt of redeeming your bonus, allow the bonus to expire, or use it on additional promotions, you decrease the bonus money put in play. As a result, all the other cash-either real or bonus- that you put in play turns out to be extra valuable. The big boys of bingo take their bingo bonuses out of play which gives others an increased effective payout for each card.

  • Gain experience with bonuses

The biggest advantage of bingo bonuses is that you get to experience the games on the site and have an idea to derive maximum benefit from the gameplay. If you get yourself more involved, you’ll notice the differences in the games, and settle for the one that suits you best. You also get a firsthand experience of the game and learn to be a better gambler, which can be used while playing with real cash.

  • You don’t have to make a deposit

First and foremost, you don’t have to make a deposit to start playing the games. This is perhaps one of the greatest advantages of bonuses. In other words, you save money and improve your bankroll by transferring all your winnings into your bingo account, instead of spending them on playing the games. By accepting these free deals, you double your cash and use it to participate in huge progressive jackpot winning games.

A no deposit bonus can be of tremendous benefit to players who have a limited bankroll. It allows you to start playing without using any of your money. You can play the free games and win real cash without any investment. Even though this bonus amount usually ranges from $5 to $10, it can add value if you are inexperienced and do not want to risk your own money. This way, even if you lose, it will not matter much since you are not losing your real money.

In a nutshell, bingo bonuses can both be beneficial and disadvantageous. The growing value of a large deposit bonus will always remain an illusion. It cannot be redeemed since it’s structured to discourage you from cashing your winnings. So do not get overwhelmed whenever you see a site claiming to offer a huge bonus as it’s pure illusion. Always read the fine print before accepting the perks, as different sites have different terms and conditions attached to the bonuses.  This way you’ll not lose out in the long run.