Multiplication Bingo for Kids Makes Learning Fun!

Multiplication Bingo for Kids – Learn Multiplication with Fun Unlimited

Are you worried that your son/daughter has difficulty with Mathematics? Now, you can make him or her play multiplication bingo for kids and can make the process of learning multiplication much easier.

As you are aware, multiplication is an important skill to be understood by students. It is true that like many other arithmetic skills, it will also improve with practice. But, the task of practicing should be made enjoyable for children to really improve. Experts say that kids learn faster when things are taught to them in an interesting manner and they can also remember easily what they have learnt. This is why toddlers are introduced to the alphabet by using learning games that can grab their attention and why multiplication bingo for kids is successful.

Bingo in classrooms:

Do you know that many teachers are implementing multiplication bingo for kids in their classrooms? The idea behind this is to provide a fun and enjoyable way of learning multiplication. Here are some of the reasons why this game is being used as the best learning tool, especially in mathematics classes:

Benefits of Multiplication Bingo for Kids:

  • This game is very easy to teach and learn
  • Children can easily adapt themselves to this game, besides learning some easy methods to solve different multiplication problems.
  • Kids can gain better mathematical skills with fun practices
  • It is inexpensive as well. Teachers and parents can prepare their own multiplication table by getting the guidelines from internet sources or children can also be made to play online as well. Even, multiplication bingo cards can be printed from online sources.
  • This is one among the many popular educational bingo games.

Why use games for teaching?

Even though, many teachers have understood the importance of teaching through games, most of the parents still consider it to be a fluff. But, once they begin to watch the changes happening as kids play a game like multiplication bingo for kids, they will quickly change their minds. Kids’ psychologists suggest that children engage themselves into playing games in a way they never show in filling up workbook pages or dittos.

Also, when they are rightly chosen, games can help kids to learn almost everything they need to master. There are good many children-centric games like multiplication bingo for kids that can take the frustration and boredom out of the learning process. Even, studies show that kids improve their reasoning skills with these games. Also, it will improve their concentration and retention skills as well. They provide the right atmosphere for parents and teachers to encourage kids to:

  • Accept success and failure equally in front of their peers
  • Come up with interested questions, problems and ideas
  • Take and give praise and criticism
  • Gain confidence in their abilities to solve the problems by themselves
  • Share their ideas with others
  • Be alert and challenged
  • Nurturing Team Effort
  • Develop responsibility, independence, resourcefulness, curiosity and interest

How does multiplication bingo for kids really help?

Experts say that multiplication bingo  for kids can help children to listen carefully and they can get their math facts right. The kids should be made to fill out their own bingo game boards by selecting from the list of numbers that you have written on the board. You should have a pile of flash cards that correspond to those numbers and the number called out should be matched by children. For instance, if your flashcard reads ‘3×3’, kids with the number ‘9’ on their boards will have to put a piece on that square.

When this game is played with a group of kids, each one of them will be anxious to find whether the corresponding answer card is on their hands. This in turn will improve the concentration skill in children, that’s the beauty of multiplication bingo for kids.

How to Play

If you are a teacher planning to conduct the multiplication bingo for kids game in your class session, here are the thumb rules to follow:

  • Give an equation: As mentioned earlier, you will have to give a multiplication equation to the players. You can either call it out orally or can show the equation to the participants on the basis of the difficulty level. To speed up the tempo of the game, you can place a limit on the time within which the answer should be spelled out. Once you receive the right answer, you can put the card aside to avoid repetition.
  • Look for an answer: Once the players are provided with the equation, they should quickly look for the appropriate answer from the pile of cards they have. The answer card can have either numerals or pictures in appropriate numbers. Once a player shows the correct answer and places it on the board, praise the child and it will be a motivation.
  • Win the game: When a player has a straight line of squares answer, he can be announced as the winner of the game. The line can either be diagonal, horizontal or vertical. Once a player finds that he has completed any of these lines, he should call out ‘bingo’ to register his win. Finally, you can check whether the squares filled has correct answers appropriate to the equation given and can announce the player to be the winner.

Conclusion: With all these things known about multiplication bingo for kids, you might be wondering about where to get these games. There are various online sources from where you can print the game and can paste it on a cardboard to make it easier for your class to enjoy and learn multiplication in a fun-filled ways.

As stated by Albert Einstein ‘It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and Knowledge’. Being a teacher, you can take all sorts of steps to provide an enjoyable learning atmosphere to your beloved students. At times, parents should also act as teachers for their kids and they can also follow innovative approaches with multiplication bingo game. Let’s celebrate Learning with Fun!