New Bingo Games

New Bingo games launched by some sites recently

Plumbee introduces Mirrorball Bingo: Gaming studio from London, Plumbee, has introduced Mirrorball Bingo, the second bingo app that went live on Facebook recently. The new bingo game is the first application from Plumbee to feature branded content that has been licensed by the investor of the company-Endemol-a TV production company.

The game has been introduced with three unique bingo rooms-two of which are Dragon Valley and Alice’s Adventures. These new bingo games are based on fairytale themes and are similar to the Microball Slots games. The third bingo room has been created around Deal or No Deal-the famous TV game show. Players can now win a maximum of one million bonus coins. These can be redeemed in subsequent games for power boosts.

Roy Avinash, product manager of Microball Bingo said that the company will be launching a product with engaging gameplay soon. This launch will help to strengthen the position of the company in the world of bingo.

  • Butterfly Bingo

Butterfly Bingo, a bingo site powered by Globalcom bingo software, introduced on March 2014. Players have to open an account at the site and will be greeted by the flashy homepage. It offers three popular bingo variants like 75 ball pattern bingo, High5 Bingo and 90 Ball bingo. These new bingo games launched by the site are spread across a huge number of bingo rooms, featuring a range of jackpots and ticket prices.

These rooms have been divided into the following sections:

  1. Free Bingo: Here you can find bingo rooms for VIP players, funded players and even the non-funded ones.
  1. 90 Ball: Players can play in various bingo rooms with unique jackpots and games. The price of tickets range from 1p -£1.
  1. 75 Ball:You can find the two variants of 75 ball bingo here, which is played in a number of rooms, including the High5 bingo room.
  1. £100 Games: You’ll love this section, especially if you are a big fan of fixed pots. These new bingo games have both the 75 ball as well as the 90 ball games, which feature fixed jackpots of £100.
  1. Jackpots: If you love the thrill of the major jackpot games, this is the place to visit. It has the massive network games of £1 million and even other massive jackpot games that remain guaranteed.
  1. Instant games: The instant games section has online slots and instant win gaming action. The site has picked the best new bingo games from the biggest names in the industry, including Fluffy Favorites from X Factor and Eyecon.
  • RS Games develops new bingo games for the blind

It’s impressive to know that RS Games has developed new bingo games meant for the blind. The concept of these games is based on one’s ability to hear. They have a great suit of multiplayer games which the blind or even the partially slighted players can have fun with. These include Blackjack, Battleships, Yahtzee and Monopoly.

It may take some time to get used to it but once you understand, the games look relatively simple. The only drawback which it may have is the cheers you get once you win, since the internet screen readers sound so monotonous. Maybe just a big YEEEAAHH!

Each player gets a card with five columns and five rows. Each column has five numbers. When the caller calls out the number, you can daub the card (place a chip) by pressing ENTER. There are two styles available in these new bingo gamescoverall and standard. After the commencement of the games, the numbers are called after every 15 seconds. This gives you ample time to move around with your arrow keys. If you get the number on your card, simple click the enter button.

  • Mytopia launches new game on Facebook

Online games provider, Mytopia, recently launched a new bingo game on Facebook. The game is the latest version of Bingo Island, with the revised game being given a visual makeover. This includes a lively color scheme and new bingo rooms that capture the essence of the game. Even though the game appears different, players can still have admittance to the same multi-card gameplay.

Bingo Island allows users to play with a maximum of twenty cards for each game. They can manually daub the called numbers or opt for automatic dauber. Quite different to traditional bingo, this new bingo game amalgamates bingo with slot machines. Slot machines can be seen on the right side of the player’s screen. This game can be played on Facebook for free and can be a completely new experience for gamblers.

  • announces the launch of Trophy Bingo Ltd added another variant to their already existing array of interesting games. The new bingo game introduced by the gaming site is an innovative version of Trophy Bingo. This has been released only in some markets for testing purposes. Trophy Bingo is a social game available on tablets and smart phones running Apple iOS and even Google Android Systems. The gaming portal expects to take a few weeks before it’s released worldwide on Facebook, App Store and Google Play.

Trophy Bingo was developed in partnership with Vancouver-based Roadhouse Interactive Limited-a social online game operator and developer.

  • Electronic Arts releases Monopoly themed bingo games

Electronic Arts released two new bingo games on Android recently. The first was Monopoly Bingo while the other was Monopoly slots. Both of these can be downloaded on Google Play for free. These games are self-explanatory-however, there are some unique features attached to each. Monopoly Slots has a handful of unique layouts, which gives you the possibility of enhancing your payouts. You’ll also find bonus mini games too, which is always a good option to have. Finally, there are some layouts of wilds which are all different.

Monopoly bingo is an ordinary bingo game. You can play the game at all the familiar properties and play up to sixteen cards at once. Both these new bingo games can be downloaded for free.