Play Bingo Games Online

How does online bingo work?

To play bingo games online, the fundamental principles of playing are similar to games played in land-based bingo parlors.  The major difference lies in the fact that the person who picks the numbers from a bingo machine and calls them out is replaced by a computer. The other difference is that you don’t require to mark off the cards on your own since the sites have the auto daub feature to mark the tickets. However, some sites will allow you to do this on your own.

This obviously eradicates the skill element attached to bingo, which can be said to be a benefit if you are one of those who occasionally miss out the numbers. The flip side is that it clears away any edge gained by you by being an experienced bingo dauber who may play bingo games online for 5 hours a day.

Some fees needed

While most games on the internet are free, some have a price tag attached to them. You have to tear into the ads plastered close to the game cards or even in pop-up windows. You also have to pay the monthly fee for gaining access to the internet. Diehard gambling enthusiasts would do almost anything to play bingo games online since it’s so enticing.

How do you play bingo games online?

Before you play bingo games online , your first duty is to select a bingo site, followed by registering and making a deposit with real money. If you want to play the available games without risking your money, look for a site with a no deposit bonus.

Your next job lies in picking up a game. Gambling sites on the web have a variety of unique rooms with each room running unique games. For instance, one room may be running a 2p 80 game while another may be running a 10p 75 game. Selecting a room depends on what stakes and games you want to play.

Game Types

You can choose from a variety of games. Some of these include the following:

90 Ball Bingo: This game is made up of three parts. You pay a fixed amount for each ticket you decide to play and have a total of three ways to win in every game. The tickets in this game have fifteen numbers on them. This can be a combination of numbers from one to ninety. These appear in three rows on the ticket with each row having five numbers.

Players in this game try to be the first to cross off all the five numbers on a single row. The winner receives a one line prize. The second variety consists of the two line game where the first player to cross out all the numbers on any two rows is considered the winner. This prize is slightly bigger compared to the first.

The third is the full house, with the biggest prize attached to it. The first player to cross off all the fifteen numbers on a single ticket wins the allocated prize. If more than one player calls bingo in any part of the game, the prize is thus shared between the two.

80 Ball Bingo: People who regularly play bingo games online say that this is pretty rare, however, a greater number of gambling sites have started including this to their array of games. The 80 Ball Bingo game is a fast game and is popularly known as speed bingo variant.

This form of bingo uses eighty numbers. A bingo card for this game has sixteen numbers printed on it, which are displayed in four rows and four columns. The game is often played for one line containing four numbers. This is the reason for the high speed of the game.

75 Ball Bingo: The 75 Ball Bingo game is another widely played game and is quite with gambling sites. The card you purchase to play this game has five rows and five columns. Each of these has five numbers. The middle square, however, is a free one and has to be ticked off before the commencement of the game.

With the 75 Ball Bingo, you’ll have a wide variety of playing patterns. However, the most commonly found includes the four corner numbers or the single line in any direction.


Some sites have cash prizes for people who play bingo games online games. However, don’t hope the stakes to be too high for most games on the internet. An average straight line bingo may be worth 20 bingo bucks, which is split between the winners if there happens to be more than one winner. Each 1000 bingo bucks is redeemable for a gift certificate worth $10. The winnings attached to progressive blackout are much higher and can touch 1500 bingo bucks. However, the odds are similar to what can be seen in real bingo halls. Players can play bingo games online for weeks and not even come close to winning the jackpot.


If you have the spare time to play bingo games online, you’ll slowly become familiar with the user names of players who play regularly.  Some games are thoroughly chatty while some may be uncomfortably silent or quiet, based on your perspective. In the case of online bingo, socializing is not something which you are forced to do. You may opt to simply sit in front of your computer and play. If you dislike a particular player’s chatter as some of them may turn out to be annoying or rude. In such a case, click on their name and press the button marked “Ignore”.

If you want to send a confidential message to someone, select the “Private Chat” option. But remember that you will not be having loads of time to chat since the online caller may churn out many numbers as fast as you click the mouse.

People who play bingo games online should also be cautious of other pitfalls, such as false bingo sites. Here is where the importance of reviews comes into play. Read the best reviews on the internet and get in touch with others to take their suggestions.