The best bingo bonuses for progressive jackpots in the UK this year

Progressive jackpots really changed the face of the gaming industry. The reason for it stems from the fact that it introduced new incentives to players. The point of the progressive jackpot scheme is that players are always striving towards a bigger goal as opposed to treating the games as a singular occurrence. Amongst the top games that benefited the most from the introduction of progressive jackpots is bingo. Bingo bonuses for progressive bingo rooms are the talk of the town these days. The room the offers the best bonuses often have the most number of players.

How important are these bingo bonuses and progressive jackpots?
A good bonus promotion or a massive jackpot takedown can increase the current popularity of a room by as much as 30%. And to view it from the player’s perspective, hitting a jackpot on a room that offers better reward system can increase your winnings by a factor of 10. We wanted to find out which rooms offer the best bingo bonuses and progressive jackpot promotions this year. Here is the list we came up with.

Top bingo bonuses sites for progressive jackpots

  1. Gala bingo

Gala is a worldwide renowned bingo provider and their bingo platform simply serves as a benchmark for others. The main reasons Gala Bingo found its way to this list are extensive bingo bonuses and progressive jackpot programs that are amongst the best in the industry. All jackpot games on certain rooms have a minimum guaranteed jackpot of $1,000. Gala Bingo gives away more than $30,000 in weekly jackpots and a monthly giveaway amasses to more than $100,000. A great deal of value is offered at these bingo games and the best thing about it is the chances of winning are good since not many players compete for these prizes.

  1. Foxy Bingo

This room has been in the business since 2005. They recently gained a huge player base by including various bingo bonuses and progressive jackpots. The best part of their schemes are the Guaranteed Jackpot bingo games that are immensely popular. The appeal of these games is that the bingo bonuses are guaranteed regardless of the number of players. A lot of players picked Foxy because of that and it turned them from casual to regular players.  More than $1,000,000 is given out in bonuses every month on Foxy Bingo and the players are loving it. Foxy Bingo takes the best care of its regular players and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.

  1. Betway Bingo

This is certainly a bingo room worth mentioning. They are operational since 2014 and so far, they took a respectable market share. This is mostly due to their amazing software. But the bingo bonuses on offer can also take a lot of credit for their success. Betway offers a 300% deposit bonus for all new players, and an extensive progressive jackpot strategy. As a part of the Microgaming network, Betway offers an amazing chance to win big. You have access to massive cross network progressive jackpots measured in millions. The loyalty schemes are well-thought off and an overall package is backed by amazing bingo games.

  1. Mecca Bingo

Mecca Bingo is undoubtedly an industry leading name in the world of online bingo. A fact owed in large part to the simple focus on the taking care of the players. Throughout the entire year, they launch bingo bonuses and progressive jackpot promotions designed to benefit the players. New players are greeted with an access to the Newbie Room and free bingo for 7 days. Play 3 hours of free bingo every day during the first week of joining the Mecca and try to win big prizes. An excellent 400% deposit and well-designed bingo rooms offer an additional bonus to the package if you pick Mecca.

  1. Costa Bingo

Costa pays out more than $500,000 in bonuses every single month. Playing bingo games regularly on Costa offers an amazing chance of hitting one of the dozens of progressive jackpots. These jackpot schemes are being run daily with more than $2,500 guaranteed every day. Friday nights are reserved for a $10,000 guaranteed jackpot rooms. Buy as much as 24 cards for those rooms and increase your chances of hitting the jackpot. 20th of the month is reserved for a $3,000 guaranteed jackpot game. That jackpot can go to the max $5,000,000 payout if the perfect storm of conditions occurs.

  1. 888Ladies Bingo

888Ladies Bingo had a complete overhaul in 2013 and then again in 2016. They bank on the fact that most of the online bingo players are women and the software is designed that way. The main reason this room found its way to this list is an extensive array of bingo bonuses and progressive jackpot programs. The interesting fact is that they offer a lot of free bingo games with the guaranteed prizes. That offer you a chance to hit one of these progressive jackpots without any risk. A hefty sign-up bonus of $50 is simply a cherry on the icing.

  1. Ladbrokes Bingo

This is one of those game providers that is a part of a much larger company. Ladbrokes is a trusted household name in the industry.  What makes Ladbrokes one of the top bingo bonuses and progressive jackpot rooms in the country? A massive withdrawal limit. $30,000 is pretty much unprecedented in the industry. Ladbrokes pays more than double that amount in the bonuses every week. That makes this room one of the best ones in the UK. They also give away a $50 signup bonus upon your first deposit.

  1. Wink Bingo

Wink Bingo has one of the best bingo bonuses and progressive jackpot programs available. Jackpots are offered on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. $30 worth package of free bingo cards that you can use to play a $1,000 guaranteed games became an instant fan favorite after the launch. Every Friday, pre-buy bingo games offer a prize pool ranging from $1,000 to $1,000,000. Thousands of dollars in bonuses are up for grabs through other loyalty schemes as well. The reviews of Wink Bingo are full of testimonials stating that this is the room that is easy to win on. Become one of those testimonials.
When it comes to bingo bonuses, the competition is tough. The rooms from our list are found through various top ten lists all over the internet. That should be an indicator that our researched is backed by actual player experience and that these rooms offer the best progressive jackpots. Try your luck on some of these rooms and increase your chances of winning a massive jackpot. Good Luck.