This month’s latest bingo review of Bingo Hall Online

If you’re looking for a new site for playing bingo, have you considered Bingo Hall online? It’s one of the most popular Internet bingo sites, but you might not be too familiar with it. The good news is that the site includes a lot of great features that you should consider including the following ones:

1. Quality software
The games at Bingo Hall run on Parlay Entertainment software. The company has become one of the most popular bingo software developers in the industry.

The Canadian-based software developer was founded in 1998 and was a pioneer in the world of web-based bingo software. In fact, as you might read in a bingo review the site has patents in both the US and Canada for their software.

Besides the software itself, the games are of course also important when choosing a bingo site. However, even the top games can have problems if the software they run on isn’t high-end. That won’t be a problem at Bingo Hall.

2. Industry experience
When reading a bingo review, you’ll likely want to find out how long an online bingo site has existed. How about Bingo Hall? The site was launched in 2002. That’s quite a while when you think about it. Online bingo sites have only existed since the mid-90s, so a site that’s about 1.5 decades old has a ton of experience compared to other sites.

For example, you can find startup sites that were launched this year or last year. Can they be good sites? It’s possible, but as you can learn from a bingo review the main problem is that such new sites are just getting started, so they’re still ironing out some problems and tweaking the site, games, etc. That’s not an issue at Bingo Hall since it’s been live since the early 2000s.

3. Game Selection
This is easily one of the most important issues for many bingo players. At Bingo Hall the game selection is a mixed bag. On one hand, you can only play 75 ball bingo. There’re no 90 or 80 ball bingo games, which might be disappointing for players who prefer those types of bingo games.

On the other hand, there are tons of variations of 75 ball bingo. In fact, there’s over 300! This is a plus and a feature that you don’t always read about in a bingo review. It’s especially great for people who enjoy 75 ball bingo over other games.

Another plus is that you can play games for as low as 5 cents. If you’re looking for penny bingo games, then you should check out the games at Bingo Hall.

If you want to play multiple bingo cards, you can do that at Bingo Hall. In fact, you can play up to 24 cards at one time! It’s highly advisable that you use the auto daub feature to make the process automated, but even if you don’t, you’ll boost your chance of winning if you play bingo with multiple cards.

The site also includes some games with progressive jackpots. That’s a great feature for bingo fans who want to have the chance of winning big money. Progressive games can increase quickly, and a plus is that they can even increase when you’re playing bingo! Technically you could play one game, and if you get the right pattern on your bingo card, you could win the jackpot. That’s why this is such a great feature.

4. Chat Rooms
Today’s bingo players are looking for a more social experience. That involves several aspects including chat rooms. There are some very popular chat rooms at Bingo Hall, as you can learn in a bingo review.

What’s the deal with chat rooms? They provide a great way that people can enjoy light chats, side games, etc. More bingo fans are using chat rooms now as another way to enjoy their favorite games while having conversations with other bingo fans.

The chat hosts are very friendly and helpful at the site, which is a plus. In fact, this is one of the most important issues for the chat rooms. It helps the conversations and everything else to go smoothly, which is critical for providing the best experience possible for gamers.

Another key benefit of the chat rooms is that they also include some side games. These are yet another way that bingo fans can have a positive experience in the rooms. They’re less complex than the standard bingo games but are still a way to keep you entertained when in the chat room. At Bingo Hall there’s a wide range of side games so you’ll be able to choose the one(s) that are the most fun to play.

5. Deposits/Withdrawals
If you play bingo games at sites mentioned in a bingo review, one of the most important issues is banking at the site. That’s because it’s directly involved in the money that you risk and win at the site. Can bingo games be fun? Sure, but then you’re putting real money on the line it’s important that the process is as flexible and smooth as possible.

At Bingo Hall there are many options regarding deposit options. For example, you can use debit cards and credit cards, which is a plus since it will help to speed up the processing. These financial options are some of the most common ones mentioned in a bingo review. There are other options as well including e-wallets. What’s important is that you’ll have several options so you won’t have to worry about being limited to 1-2 options. This is a plus when one of your payments options is offline or maxed out, for example. 

Another benefit is that withdrawals are processed in a reasonable amount of time. That’s certain a plus when you want to take out some of your money. Some banking methods will take more time than others. However, what’s important is that the process not is unreasonable and take a ton of time.

6. Bonuses/Promotions
There’s a lot of bonuses and promotions at the site, which you can learn about in a bingo review. Just for singing up at the site you can enjoy a $25 no-deposit bonus so you can play some free bingo games. It’s a fantastic way to try out the site before you start making deposits.

However, if you decide to deposit later, you can enjoy a 500% first-deposit bonus, as well as a bonus for the 2nd/3rd deposits.

Another key feature of Bingo Hall that you can learn in a bingo review is the site’s promotions. For example, you can try to win $5k in cash/bonuses each month. There are also many daily specials you can enjoy. Finally, when it’s your birthday you can also get a free bonus.