Where to catch a free bingo game with a proper payout right now

Bingo rooms are competing for the players’ attention in lots of different ways. Generous first deposit offers, sign-up bonuses, loyalty programmes, etc… Some of those promotional schemes include a free bingo offer. That type of promotion intrigued us and we wanted to find out what room offers best free bingo game. It took quite a long time to sort out the results as the number of rooms that opted for this type of promotional scheme is quite big. Naturally, not all of them are good so we tested them to the full extent and created this list of rooms that offer the best free bingo game.

  1. Lady Lucks Bingo

This bingo room runs on the Probability platform known for providing great bingo room solutions. They are a part of the new bingo room wave and in order to compete for their share of the market, they opted for a free bingo room type of promotion. So there is a $20 worth of free bingo waiting for you regardless of the deposit. This is an excellent opportunity for novice and experienced players alike. You can try out the games and features of this room without investing anything. And if you decide to deposit, there is a 100% deposit bonus available for all newcomers. An offer like this is certainly worth considering.

  1. Lucky Cow Bingo

This is another relatively young operator that fights for its share of the market. But instead of giving you no deposit bonus like other rooms, Lucky Cow offers 500 tickets for a free bingo game of your choosing. Newcomers are warmly welcomed and encouraged to test out the software and the games without the risk. This is quite an interesting approach to the promotion and judging by the number of players, a successful one as well. In addition to bingo, Lucky Cow offers slot games as well and you can use your tickets to play those too.

  1. mFortune Bingo

 This is a bingo room that offers one of the best mobile platforms available on the market. And they offer $5 No Deposit bonus to all newcomers, essentially inviting players to try out their games and the platform. This qualifies them for our list of free bingo game offerings. The games are well designed and the software runs like clockwork so most of the newcomers decide to keep playing on mFortune. A 100% first deposit bonus awaits all of those players and additional reload bonuses are offered as well.

  1. Break the Bank Bingo

This room is a part of the 123 bingo network and recently picked up a great number of new players. That is mostly due to their excellent promotional scheme that offers $25 worth of free bingo game for all newcomers. Get to know the room and the games extensively with the No Deposit bonus you receive. They offer 90, 80, 75 and 30 ball bingo games and an assortment of casino games as well. If you do decide to deposit, an amazing 600% deposit bonus will certainly go a long way towards a great gaming experience on Break the Bank Bingo.

  1. Bingo Cabin

Bingo Cabin is an established room that also opted for a No Deposit bonus scheme. They want to increase the player pool and offer a $30 worth of free bingo games to all newcomers. That gives you the chance to get a sense of the room and the games, but it also qualifies you to other bonuses like 300% First Deposit bonus. With additional reload bonuses and other loyalty programmes, Bingo Cabin really is a great place to try your luck. 90 and 75 ball bingo games are supported and they offer other casino games as a part of their platform. User rating of 4.1 stars speaks a lot about the quality of this offer.

  1. Cyber Bingo

Even before mentioning their free bingo game offer, a fact that they have no cash-out limit has to be mentioned. And for the suspicious players that think you cannot win in this room, there is a 4.3-star user rating stating otherwise. And the reason Cyber bingo found its way on our list is an incredible $50 No Deposit bonus. This bonus gives you a lot of time to test the game and software and more importantly, an excellent chance to win with no risk. For the more experienced players that look for even greater value, there is a 500% first deposit bonus. Couple that with other reload bonuses and loyalty schemes and you get a great free bingo game offer with a proper chance to win.

  1. Amigo Bingo

 Amigo Bingo runs on the Parlay Entertainment platform which is a renowned name in the world of online bingo. They have an amazing free bingo game offer worth $50 for all new players that sign up. With this bonus, you should be able to thoroughly test out all the games and rooms and find your favourites. If you don’t win anything with the given bonus, an amazing 600% First Deposit bonus will more than make up for it. Additional 400% reload bonus will only shatter all the doubts that this is a room you should be playing in. It is worth mentioning that this room is 75-ball bingo exclusive and that other casino games are also available. A 4.2-star rating adds credibility to the room and qualifies it for the best room that offers free bingo games award.

  1. Instant Bingo

This is the most generous room of the lot and we left it for the conclusion of our list. Their user rating might be “just” 4 stars, but the amazing free bingo game offer worth $65 remedies any of the “shortcomings” in the other areas. Instant Bingo offers more free money than any of the competitors and it is even an opportunity for serious gamers to get the extra value. And if that is not enough, they offer a 500% first deposit bonus with 700% and 816% subsequent reload bonuses as well. This completes an incredible new player offer from Instant Bingo and all we can say is: seize the opportunity.

What are the advantages of free bingo game offers?
These types of free bingo game offers are great for newcomers and seasoned players alike. If you are new to the online bingo world, you can try it out without risking any money. And if you are an experienced player, look to test the rooms you haven’t played in with the need of investing anything. These are win-win types of offers and certainly deals worth considering.