Your best bingo games free online for 2016!

Bingo fans across the world who love to play bingo games free online have been requesting the latest updates when it comes to their favorite games, gaming zones, and gaming networks. This is more apparent after the recent surge in the popularity of online bingo sites. Luckily for us, there’s a whole bunch of websites that provide these services to help bingo players choose which bingo games free online are the best for them, which one is the most trustworthy, and which one provides the most alluring bingo bonuses together with a safe gambling environment.

These bingo games free online provide all the excellent opportunities that these virtual websites offer to their clients. If you see these bingo games free online for money, then you ought to grab the chance to try them out.

Players can browse the web to learn more about these new bingo games free online, so they can choose the right website that will help them achieve their winning goal!

Recommended Bingo Games Free Online in 2016

  • Wingo Bingo – With the choice to play with up to four cards, players of these bingo games free online can increase their opportunities to win big. Every card costs only two tokens and they can start playing games with around 50 tokens. The first three players who are able to complete a bingo will get to win coins and tokens, while the rest of the winners will win only one token. If the player doesn’t have any bingos, then they’ll still be able to acquire some coins each time they play. After they have marked three numbers, they can still use one of their boosters. These can go from including additional coins to the card, or marking some numbers for them on every card. Players can start these bingo games free online with 20 boosters, and they can be bought for coins if the player is close to running out. There’s also the chance to give an extra spin on the wheel. This is activated whenever a player gets to match a number over the wheel icon found on a card. This particular wheel includes all of the possible prize combos that the player can score, including coins, stamps, tokens, and boosters. They can get an additional spin for every number that’s marked with an icon. While the player waits for their game to start, they can have a go at the mini slot machine built into the game. From there, they get the opportunity to score some coins. And if they want to take a breather from all that bingo games free online action, there’s always the chance to try these sites’ slot machines that cost a couple of coins to play with.
  • Bingo Rider – These games can be enjoyed by some of the least experienced bingo fans – however, there’s also a spot reserved for the professional gamers. Bingo Rider places a huge importance on the social aspect of playing bingo. Right before the player can start a new bingo games free online, they’ll get to find a huge chatbox where they can talk and communicate with fellow bingo fans from around the world. And even as they join the game, a gigantic part of the screen is dedicated to the chat window. Although this may annoy a couple of players who just came to the site to enjoy the game without having to deal with other things, the chat feature at Bingo Rider can be a really great aspect, since talking to fellow players during a game makes bingo twice as exciting. Apart from chatting, these players can also send their fellow players gifts in the form of cards during these bingo games free online.
  • 30 Ball – These bingo games free online are played at a rather quick pace. The card for this particular game contains a grid with three rows, and three columns. Each of them has a total of nine numbers between one and thirty. These types of games are slowly increasing in popularity over other types of bingo games, thanks to its short duration. Every round is finished in only a matter of minutes. Because of this, these games are also referred to as ‘mini bingo’ or ‘speed bingo’. 30 Ball Bingo is unique in the sense that in contrary to other types of bingo, like 90-ball and 75-ball bingo, where there’s a huge assortment of patterns, there’s only one pattern – the Full House. If 30-ball bingo continues to rise in popularity, then it’s highly possible to create new patterns for these bingo free online games.
  • Coverall – Yet another UK-based bingo game that also gives importance to winning a full house. The main goal for these bingo free online games is to mark off all of the numbers found on the bingo ticket. There are a couple of bingo halls that give off progressive jackpots in this game. When a certain amount of balls is reached, the jackpot’s amount also goes up. To be able to win a coverall bingo game, the player needs to finish off all 25 spots found on the bingo card. This would take around 24 calls to mark all of the spaces, considering that the spot in the middle is free, or remains blank. However, completing a card in 24 calls or less is nearly impossible, and a decent number is typically not lower than 40. An average coverall bingo game finishes on 55 to 60 calls, depending on the amount of players found in these bingo games free online.
  • Electro Bingo – This is a single-player bingo games free online that’s perfect for the player who wants to take things a little differently by playing a one-on-one game with the machine. The game takes its inspiration from Microgaming, so players are assured that the game contains some top-quality graphics. The game has a total of 60 balls with 30 drawn during every game. Players can use all four cards that have betting options ranging from $1 to $5 with each card. Fifteen numbered squares are also found on these cards, with fourteen types of patterns that have a winning combo. Players can pair off their numbers to the balls that get dropped with a corresponding pattern, to be able to win that reward. If the player is one number short of a win, they may purchase an additional ball. The prices of the balls will depend on the game that they’re playing. These bingo games free online also come in a faster pace.